Friday, May 05, 2006

Two Wins in a Row!

When you come from behind to win a baseball game, is it pure joy or pure relief? The D-Backs shook off their Saturday afternoon debacle against the Red Sox to post wins on Tuesday and Thursday, against the Giants and the Pirates, at Sunset Park under the lights.

Both games began at 7:30pm, which is not so bad in the summer, but is tough to recover from on school nights. Not quite enough time to down some dinner and power through some homework, and with getting home after 10pm, the night is a blur... But it sure makes it easier to get home and do math homework after a big win.

Jack slugged a double to right-center on Tuesday night to bring home the winning run against our good friends, the Giants. One of Jack's best buddies is a Giant, and several kids in his classes at Stoller are Giants. It didn't seem fair that they had to lose, but someone had to win, and I'm glad the D-Backs pulled it out.

Last night's game was not much of a thriller: 12-11. The winning run crossed home plate after 10pm, and I think everyone was glad to be finished!

Tomorrow, we take on the Padres for the first time at 9:30am at West Union. I will bring the Starbucks...


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