Thursday, April 06, 2006

Opening Day of Little League

The day has finally arrived, and the first game of the Little League season is under our belt. The Diamondbacks hosted the Pirates at West Union field under partly cloudy skies and 60 degree weather.

Jack had been waiting for this game since the schedule came out. He went out around the house circling this date on various calendars in each of the rooms. The folding chairs went back into the Xterra, and will remain there until fall. The boys had to be there early to take some BP and warm up, then the first pitch was thrown at 5:38pm.

Jack did not start the game, but came off the bench to play at First Base and at Catcher. He walked his first time up, and hit into a double play (straight up the middle, but the pitcher snagged it and threw to second) his second time at bat.

The D-backs lost the game 4-1, but looked good doing it :)

Let the games begin...


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