Thursday, March 30, 2006

Countdown to Opening Day

We are certainly a sports family, but not one of those we-are-nuts-for-our-favorite-team families. We don't always wear Oregon State clothes, or have a room dedicated to our Portland Trailblazer souvenirs. We don't even have a sticker on our SUV or car that says "Jack #15" with a picture of a baseball. But we all love to watch sports, on TV and in person, and we never miss SportsCenter. Ever.

I'm am one of those wives who likes to talk sports with my boys. Some would say I would be The Perfect Wife. For example, I purposely plan all of our vacations around sporting events. Whenever we can sit and watch a game, we are happy. I truly believe that you can see America and its people through its ballparks.

Also, I love the NFL. I will gladly watch any NFL team at any time, in any place. I enjoy the SuperBowl GAME. I believe Sundays should be spent on the couch watching football and hanging out. I start itching for this in mid-July, right around the Hall of Fame game (when it is still 100 degrees outside) and there is no smell of autumn in the air. I love all that football represents and think I should be the new hire to fill in Paul Tagliabue's position when he retires.

That being said, baseball is the game I most like to watch. Many men have spoken more eloquently about the sport than I ever could, but know this: you can tell a lot about a man when he is at a Little League baseball game.


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