Monday, May 01, 2006

Birthdays and Baseball

a perfect combination!

On Thursday, April 27, Jack celebrated his 12th birthday with a field trip during the school day, and a game that night at Sunset Park vs. the Yankees. Both events took place on a beautiful, sunny Portland afternoon, but the D-Backs couldn't pull out the win, even on his Birthday.

If you are a Little League person, you are thinking to yourself: man, Jack missed the new cut-off date by three days! Yes, had I held that little boy in me until May 1, Jack would have a "playing age" of 11, and thus would have TWO more years to play LL ball. Nevermind that he was due April 20, 2004, so I even let him stay in there an extra week!

Because it was a special day/game, Jack's cousins and grandparents attended the games. Auntie only had so much time to "assist" the umpire with her comments due to making snack-shack runs for snowcones, popcorn and "pesi."(Pepsi without the S)

Those damn Yankees :) They beat us for the second time. This week: the Giants and the Padres, both games under the lights at Sunset Park!


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