Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rain-Outs, Part 1

Normally, I love waking up on a Saturday morning to the patter of rain outside my window. Actually, it is usually the sound of overwhelmed gutters and the neighbor's wind chimes, but not today -- just a patter.

But it is April, and time for Little League, so the rain is like nails across a chalkboard for me. We were scheduled to play a double-header today at Bethany School. The first game was to be against the Braves, and our good friends, and the second game against the Giants, our other good friends.

Huge bummer when the phone rings and the team manager says that all games have been canceled for the day. But there is always tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our game at Alpenrose Stadium, the finest Little League facility on the West Coast. Alpenrose Main Field, where they host the Little League Softball World Series every August that is broadcast live over ESPN. Alpenrose, where my son, in his last year in LL, will set foot on his "Field of Dreams." better not rain tonight...


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