Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Sunny Saturday

and noon-time game? What could be more perfect?

After dragging the boys to Bethany School at 7:45am for Team Picture Day, and pancakes at Elmer's, a nap would have have been nice...but alas, it was time to take on the Yankees, a team we had yet to play.

The grass at West Union field was freshly mowed and smelling sweet, and driving everyone's allergies crazy! Jack, who has developed allergies over the years here, after living until he was 5 in foggy, tree-less San Francisco, was having a heck of a time. Coming off "the virus" of last week, and then the sneezing and nose running of a warm, windy, spring day out on the farms of West Union, he valiantly played catcher for most of the game.

The Yankees have several kids who Jack has played various summer or fall leagues with, so it was fun to see parents we know and cheer on ALL the boys. I think that "Little League" often gets a bad reputation when it comes to parents in the stands. Perhaps we are just more fortunate, but in SunCreek, we really don't see too much of the barking and yelling coming from the bleachers. For the most part, we are a well-behaved league. So much of this comes from the friendships that are developing among the boys and their families. It is truly a pleasure to spend an afternoon cheering on your kids and visiting with folks, chomping sunflower seeds, and with various little brothers and sisters darting around in the grass. I know many people who would think that a miserable, boring afternoon. Of them I might ask: "Why did you have kids?"

The Yankees had kid who smashed a two-run homer over the fence at West Union #1! In the end, we lost by one run and look forward to playing them again this Thursday at Sunset Park.


At 6:24 PM, Anonymous kjmorey said...

Since I seem to never get to talk to you, this is the best way to get the Matsuo update. We had yet another exhilirating TBall game on Saturday that, surprise, ended in a tie. Your niece rocks - she just may be the best female ballplayer this family has ever seen!!


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