Friday, April 21, 2006

Baby, It's Cold Outside

During baseball months, we are obsessed with the weather. Springtime in Oregon can make you crazy -- 70 degrees and sunny one day, and windy and very cold the next. Tonight, it was a cold wind blowing across Sunset Park as the Diamondbacks played a nonleague game with the A's of Beaverton Area Little League.

This game was a last minute addition to our schedule. The local Little Leagues are trying different things to get the boys more games, different competition, and make it a little more fun by seeing different kids, pitching, and sometimes ballfields. Plus, this kind of a game allows our manager to experiment with defensive positions and batting orders. In addition, the boys got to play under the lights at Sunset Park while their parents cuddled in blankets and drank hot coffee (and so we will all be up too late tonight!)

The Diamondbacks began the game slugging hit after hit and the score quickly became out of reach for BALL. We won, 17-2, in four innings. Jack pitched a solid inning and was 1-3 at the plate. Not bad, considering he had been sick all week, missed school and practice all week, and tonight was the first time he was out of the house in a week!

Jack's Grampie made it to the game and it was so cold, he even wore the official, fitted Diamondbacks hat we got him for his birthday. He hung in there long enough to see his Grandson pitch -- and it was then way past his bedtime (Grampie's, not Jack's :)

Tomorrow morning we have team pictures at 8am and a noon game with the Yankees, the only team in SunCreek Little League that we have not played. Should be a fun one -- AND, it is supposed to be sunny and 70 degrees.


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