Sunday, April 16, 2006

Just Another Rainy Saturday

Another double-header was rained out yesterday, but for Jack, it was a blessing in disguise. He came home from Friday's night practice with a deep, regular cough and "feeling sore all over." He was sick.

So, we figured we could power through the first game of the day. When the phone call came in that the noon game was canceled, but the 5pm game might be played, we were thinking he could power-nap during the rainy, windy afternoon and energize for the second game. But alas, the wind didn't dry up the field enough, and they had to call off the night-cap. Voila, two more games to make-up.

Easter morning was a cough-fest for Jack and he lay on the couch under a blanket instead of heading to his Auntie Katie's for brunch and egg-hunt (actually, he was to be an egg-"hider" for his cousins).

The San Francisco-LA game is on ESPN's "Sunday Night Baseball" and Jack finally gets to watch an entire game with his beloved Giants. I am sitting at his feet on the couch, sharing a blanket, talking baseball, and tapping away on my laptop.

Happy Easter, everyone, and Go Giants!


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