Saturday, March 10, 2007

Little League Flashcards

I was joyfully surprised to read an email from an old college (Go Gaels!) pal who found this blog while researching T-Ball for his son(s). My good friend, Dr. Pete the pediatrician, and his wife are practically raising an entire team under one roof, so I figure they are in for the long haul.

One of the reasons Dr. Pete is a Dr. is that he studied hard and studied smart. We made fun of his flash-card system in our frosh year, but really, look where he is now! And look where I am :)

Ever since I can remember, he kept index cards with important vocabulary and concepts written on them in his pocket and studied while in line for dinner or on the way to a Rugby match at Sonoma State (yeah, right). So I was thinking, if he were to set up index cards for Little League, what would be written on them?

Little League 101 (or "Flashcards for Coach Pete")

Card #1: Baseball is fun. Laugh. Be silly at times. Get dirty.

Card #2: Baseball is a simple game, but is hampered by lots of equipment, rules, lines, and a person who stands behind the plate to make a decision EVERY TIME A KID THROWS A BALL. Remember, baseball is a simple game.

Card #3: Every child is a gift from God.

Card #4: Explain the game. It is not always obvious that you hit and then run to first base because sometimes you hit and you don't run to first base, like on a foul ball.

Card #5: Don't forget to PLAY CATCH. The key to this game is CATCHING AND THROWING.

(men put so much emphasis on hitting I have seen practices where kids hit from a tee the entire time)

Card #6: Baseball is a simple game.

There, six cards and you'll be fine. Just don't get these cards mixed up with the ones you made for Anatomy class back in the day...


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