Sunday, February 18, 2007

"Weighing In" on Non-Wood Bats

Awhile back I received an email from Little League Corporate about its stance on non-wood bats. It seems "some volunteers and members of the media" were questioning whether the weight of the bats used in Little League games should be limited, relative to the length. Here is a link to the press release.

What I found most interesting was this fact:

"In 2003, nearly 108,300 children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for baseball- or softball-related injuries according to the National Safe Kids Campaign (NSKC). However, only 42 injuries in Little League Baseball and Softball activities, ages 5 to 18, required an insurance claim to be paid that year. " (italics mine)

Only 42 injuries? Could this be right? I have to assume that only 42 injuries required a LL insurance claim, as opposed to kids' private insurance. Nonetheless, Little League is often criticized for "all their rules." But if the rules keep the kids safe, what is the problem? Mustn't we always err on the side of safety?


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