Saturday, August 26, 2006

LL World Series: Jump On Board

Join me on the Murrayhill LL bandwagon, won't you? :0)

While my son prepares for his first football jamboree this afternoon by watching ESPN's "High School Football Classic," I am trying to get my house chores done so we can watch Murrayhill LL play in for the U.S. Championship today in the Little League World Series. The game will be televised live on ABC at 12:30 (Pacific time). MHLL will take on the team from Columbus, Georgia, representing the Southeast.

It's hard not to root for the local kids and think about what an incredible summer they are having as they travel around Oregon, California, and finally, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the Little League headquarters, the "Disneyland" of baseball.

Our local 9-10 Baseball All-Stars from SunCreek LL advanced to the State Tournament in Pendleton and created amazing memories traveling just three hours from home! I cannot even imagine traveling three states and playing baseball and eating out and staying in hotels and being with your best buddies for two months straight!

Oregonian columnist Steve Duin has a nice feature this morning as the MHLL manager Jeff Keller describes how each game has become a chapter in the book they are writing this summer. Another article today talks about the attention the team is getting and all of the northwest folks who are sending their best wishes. I'm sure any Google search will give you lots to read about MHLL. But you won't find hype on their own website. Nope. This is just another game listed among the results of all their post-season teams. In fact, you kind of have to hunt through to find the team that the world is talking about this morning.

OK, gotta run. School starts in just over one week and I'm still thinking and talking baseball...I need to switch over the fall (football, Back-to-School, etc.). Maybe I'll go put away the 4th of July decorations before the game starts...


At 12:15 PM, Blogger Baseball Fan said...

OR will be the underdog but I have to pull for them. I think GA has gotten a lot of bad publicity(some of it deserved with Kyle Carter). Their website( is self-promoting and they delete comments that they don't like including the one from a former LLWS player from GA's 1983 team that won the whole thing. All he said was that KC was an embarrassment to the team even though he is a GREAT player. I know how good they are, since we saw them in regional. But Japan will probably win it all!

At 6:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope that some of the bad publicity that the GA team has gotten has been overshadow by their true show of sportsmanship and class. Kyle Carter seems like a shy kid who feels self conscious about being in the spot light. I know his cap has been an issue, I didn't like it cocked to the side, but after learning he had a shunt and was self conscious about it, I now have more understanding about a young teenage boys need not to be physically different from other boys his age.


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