Sunday, October 01, 2006

Major Rule Changes for 2007

...and they are biggies:

(1) Pitch Counts: Little League Baseball is changing its decades-old pitching rules, making the actual number of pitches delivered the deciding factor in determining eligibility in the baseball division, rather than innings pitched. The news was released during the Little League World Series, with great fanfare and much discussion during the television broadcasts.


(2) Little League Softball is moving to the standard 12 inch ball! Here is a summary: "A rule in the Little League Softball Division (for girls ages 9-12), mandating the use of the 12-inch softball. The 11-inch softball remains in use for the Minor League Softball Division (for girls ages 7-12)."

Leagues will now need to spend the off-season updating equipment and figuring out how to keep track of pitch counts :)

The LL BOD made additional changes -- you can read all about it here.


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