Tuesday, August 29, 2006

So, What Do We Do Now?

I started this blog way back in late March as my 12-year-old son began playing on his first and only major Little League baseball team. Because we have family living all over I thought it might be fun to chronicle his season online and share why we were never home in the Spring and Summer. I was proud of him and spent time myself as a Little League softball player, coach and umpire, so I felt a connection to the "experience." My husband was one of the coaches and all was right with the world.

I realized I knew way too much about Little League -- lots of useless knowledge about weekly pitching limits and umpire mechanics and the infield fly rule. Somehow, I hadn't needed to use this stuff all these years. Was it the company I kept? :)

Now, the summer has turned to Back-to-School. "Sleeping-Bag Season" (all those sleepovers) turns to "Mayonnaise Season" (all those parties and dips) and away we go. Blink and it's Halloween.

As I run into people at school and they ask "how was your summer?" I smile and say "great. Followed baseball and softball, and learned a lot about my son. It was perfect!"


A Few Quickies:
  • heard there might be an event this weekend to celebrate Murrayhill's trip to the Little League World Series...something about Alpenrose? shoot me an email at cmatsuo@aol.com if you have any info.

  • if you are interested, most local leagues run a Fall Ball program -- it is more casual and more fun, I think, for the kids to play with less stress. contact your local LL or Baseball/Softball Association.

  • I regularly encounter kids who do not own mitts, balls or bats. please consider donating any used equpment to "Pitch In For Baseball" (link is to the left) or simply handing it down to the kindergartener in the neighborhood.

Before it gets too wet and cold, go outside and play catch with your son or daughter.


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