Monday, July 09, 2007

District 4 (Oregon) Championship Rounds

Pool Play has concluded in the District 4 (Oregon) 9/10 and 10/11 Baseball tournaments, with the following teams now playing in the championship brackets:

10/11 Baseball (West Union field)

Monday, July 9:
Tigard LL vs. Murrayhill LL, 4:30pm
Lake Oswego LL vs. SunCreek LL, 6:30pm

9/10 Baseball (Westlake Park)

Tuesday, July 10:
Beaverton Area LL vs. Murrayhill LL, 5:15pm
Lake Oswego LL vs. Tigard LL, 7:30pm

Winners from each night will play in the District 4 Championship games:

10/11 Baseball Championship: Tuesday, July 10, 6pm, West Union
9/10 Baseball Championship: Wednesday, July 11, 7pm, Westlake

Champions will advance to the State Tournaments:

10/11 Oregon State Baseball Tournament
When: July 13-20, 2007
Where: District 2, Gresham LL, Gresham, Oregon

9/10 Oregon State Baseball Tournament
When: (coming soon)


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