Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oregon District 4 Info

Based on the Google traffic I have been getting, many of you are searching for some basic information about the District 4 (Oregon) baseball tournaments:

9/10 Baseball (hosted by Lake Oswego LL)

When: July 2 -11, 2007
Where: Westlake and Waluga (Quarry Road) Parks, Lake Oswego
Bracket: link
Pool Play began Monday night (scores are listed in my Tuesday entry).

10/11 Baseball (hosted by SunCreek LL)

When: July 5-10, 2007
Where: West Union School Fields
Bracket: link
Pool Play begins tonight with Murrayhill LL vs. Lake Oswego LL at 4:30, followed by Tigard LL vs. SunCreek LL at 6:30pm.

11/12 Baseball (hosted by Oregon District 4)

When: July 12-18, 2007
Where: Alpenrose Dairy Stadium
Bracket: link
Pool Play begins Thursday, July 12.

Complete Oregon District 4 SOFTBALL information can be found on my new sister site.


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