Monday, May 14, 2007

Pitch/Hit/Run: A Great Afternoon

A couple of weeks ago (man, they are flying by!), SunCreek Little League hosted a local edition of the Pepsi/Major League Baseball PITCH/HIT & RUN at their own field of dreams, West Union School. We had over 50 boys and girls join us to pitch at a target, run from second base to home plate, and hit off a tee just for the fun of it! And every kid took home a smile and a BabyRuth candy bar.

Last fall, I was browsing the San Francisco Giants website scoping out options for the 2007 All-Star Weekend and happened upon a little ad for the Pitch/Hit/Run and signed up to organize a local competition that would send its winners to sectionals, regionals and possibly even the main event in July in San Francisco during the All-Star Game. Fast forward to April and they rain took a break so we could spend the afternoon hanging out with baseball games going on all around us and the kids enjoying a very relaxed opportunity to do baseball things without coaching and pressure.

While it might be too late to organize one for your area, I encourage you to think about it for next spring. It was a fun afternoon and thanks to the hard work of some volunteers (thanks, hubby!), it was really a low-key, easy-to-run event that the kids seemed to enjoy and kept them hanging out at the ballpark after their games.


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