Sunday, April 15, 2007

Getting My Little League Fix

Thanks to some dry spring weather, we actually watched some baseball yesterday!

Our son's Junior Baseball of Oregon (JBO) scrimmage was rained-out due to standing water on the diamond, so we ventured out to good old West Union field to see our old LL team, the Diamondbacks, take on the Braves. Family friends were in both dugouts and a pitching duel led to a quick game, DBacks 1, Braves 0. It was great to see the old AND new faces of SunCreek LL major's level.

And since the day was still young, we headed over to Sunset Park to watch the District 4 AAA Baseball tournament. Our minor-league favorite, the Volcanoes, played back-to-back games with local teams using a pitching machine and modified rules for quick play. The younger kids were stealing and stretching out hits as they were getting comfortable with the next level of competition.

The Volcanoes are named for the Giants affiliate, Salem-Keizer Volcanoes and their uniforms are awesome. I also love the other names of SunCreek LL's AAA teams: the Muckdogs, the Storm, and the Bats.

The sun is shining and we are organizing homework...ugh. The "day of rest" is now the "day of do all house chores." I'd rather be out at a ballfield...


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