Thursday, July 05, 2007

District 4 (Oregon) 10/11 Tournament Update

Tightly contested ballgames were the order of the night as the District 4 (Oregon) 10/11 Tournament kicked off at West Union School.

In the first game, Lake Oswego LL beat Murrayhill LL, coming back in the bottom of the sixth inning, 8-7.

In the second game, SunCreek LL beat Tigard LL in 7 innings on Paul B.'s homerun, 2-1!

Friday's action:

Murrayhill LL vs. SunCreek LL at 4:30pm.

Lake Oswego LL vs. Tigard LL at 6:30pm.

Here is a link to local newspaper coverage.

Since my son had a JBO game (and won!), I was not able to attend any games tonight. I would love to get scores from the 9/10 Baseball Tournament in Lake Oswego and would be happy to post them! You can email or leave a comment (it will be automatically forwarded to me).

Thanks, and good luck to all the teams tomorrow. I will be out at West Union to cover the games in person.


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