Monday, June 12, 2006

Majors Tournament Game #3

With a warm rain beginning to fall just as school let out, I wondered if we would be able to play our next tournament game. The good news is that the shower stopped right at gametime, the field was playable, the D-Backs and the Braves were there, and we even had two umps arrive on time!

The sprinkles of rain helped keep the dust down on Bethany School field #3 and the final battle between us and the Braves began. As all of the nice families settled into their comfortable spots, the game unwound and the Braves showed why they were the regular season champion. In the end, we lost 9-3, and our season was over. Jack was 0-2 and caught five of the six innings.

The Braves advance to play the Red Sox, with the winner taking on the undefeated Pirates. It was very cool for Jack to have one the Giants come and root on his team. Though I am sad the season is over, that was a nice team to lose to, and seeing Jack hang with new buds is what it is all about.


At 11:24 PM, Anonymous Grammie said...

Thank You, Jack!!! Sharing your BB experience with you was just wonderful and might I also say, very cool!!!!


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