Friday, June 09, 2006

Majors Tournament Game #1

The SunCreek LL Diamondbacks finished up the season in fifth place out of seven teams. We never played our final game due to the fact that the Padres could not field enough players Tuesday night.

So, the playoffs started last night and we lost to the Red Sox 3-2 in a tight ballgame. As one person said, "it was a great Little League Baseball game." Overall very good pitching, scattered hits (Jack went 2-3), some great defensive plays (our pitcher tagging out a Red Sox attempted stealer in a pickle), but just too many runners left on base. Three times we had the bases loaded and couldn't get a runner in to score.

So, we play Saturday at 3pm at West Union Field. The end-of-season tournament is double elimination, so we must win to keep playing.

Saturday is also the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade. We will miss it for the first time since we moved back to Portland... Alas, we will be at West Union, our own Field of Dreams, with its allergy-inducing crops right next to the ballfield. I have packed my allergy kit -- a big plastic bag with Claritin, Claritin D, Benedryl, and eye drops. It has come in handy in the last few weeks, and not just for Jack!


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