Friday, June 30, 2006

Final Score: 2-0

Alpenrose West must be Jack's lucky diamond. On Wednesday night, he pitched a three-hitter against Lake Oswego LL Navy and the SunCreek LL Honors team lost 2-0. We played six innings! After the game, the umpires told Coach John that SunCreek was the classiest team in the tournament and it was a joy to do the game as they played hard and never got down.

What a way to finish the 2006 District 4 11-12 Honors tournament...

Now Jack goes back to being Alternate for the All-Star team; two more weeks of 3-hour practices and more baseball. He is our "Rudy," practicing hard to help the team get better and advance in the District 4 tournament, but unable to suit up and play in the games.

I remember that Saturday morning in March when he awoke two hours prior to the first Diamondback practice, his first (and only) majors team, coming downstairs fully dressed for baseball (including his cup!) and anxious to get started. Now the summer heat is upon us and the outfit has changed, but not the enthusiasm.

Go SunCreek!


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