Sunday, June 18, 2006

Allergy Alert

In Oregon, Sudafed/decongestant is only available from a pharmacist, only after showing your ID and signing a clipboard, and only if you can find it. There is no Claritin-D to be found in my part of Washington County -- I have tried Safeway, RiteAid, and Fred Meyer. Thanks to some decent weather and late spring clouds of pollen, we are all suffering. Jack is especially prone to red and swollen eyes, and especially after spending time at West Union field...

Yesterday, he had his first full day of summer, post-season baseball. At 10am he met his new team, the SunCreek LL 11-12 Honors, at the league storage facility to pick up his uniform. Then off to West Union for pictures, a practice, then pizza and parent meeting at Pizza Caboose. He downed Claritin and Benedryl in the morning, so I expected him to be dragging by the time he was having pizza.

But no, Jack is chomping at the bit to head back out to West Union field for practice with the All-Star Team, for which he is an Alternate. So, he and John (who has run his first, real baseball practice in oh, about 20 years) head back there for the three-hour practice! Except for puffiness around the eyes, he is energized and happy and has the Chitwood boys over afterward to hang out! Needless to say, he is still asleep (9:42am on Father's Day).

His father, on the other hand, is less in baseball-shape, and was moving slowly last night, sneezing and blowing, and generally ready to enjoy his Holiday. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to go to our Albertson's meat counter and get his favorite bacon to make him a big breakfast, but I will do that right now.

Happy Father's Day to all you dads! Enjoy the day, a little relaxation, your favorite bacon and maybe some baseball, if you want.


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