Monday, April 14, 2008

A Baseball Weekend

There are few things I love more than standing in the middle of Sunset Park with games going being played on all four diamonds...

Do you have one of those parks in your community? The snack shack is in the middle and four LL-sized diamonds are jetting out like dirt-infield rays of sunshine. We finally had a break in the rain this weekend so there was glorious, glorious baseball and softball GAMES going on!

We traveled from Central Oregon after a 4-game tournament for our son's 14-year-old Junior Baseball Organization (JBO) team straight to the machine-pitch Little League Majors tournament at SP. Two teams from our former LL were playing in this tournament, which features majors teams from throughout the District.

With the Oregon weather typically wet and cool in April, the beginning of LL season is always hit-and-miss, with a last-minute emails whether the game or practice is ON or canceled, or "please get there early to help rake the base areas and we'll try to get the game in."

Here are some shots from the Giants game last night. The championship game is tonight, and wait, what is that coming through the window? Sun? We just might have a string of four days of dry weather and glorious, glorious baseball?


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