Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Regional Round-Up

Little League Baseball (11/12 year olds) has a strong worldwide following, and consequently there are lots of websites covering regionals around the world.

LittleLeague.org features a quick link on the front page directly to the regional action for each of their divisions of baseball and softball. "Little League" traditionally refers to the popular 11/12 year old division. Junior League is for 13/14 year olds, Senior League is for 15/16 year olds, and Big League is for 17/18 year olds. Please remember that the age cut-off date for LL is May 1st, therefore, some of the kids will have had a birthday since All-Stars began and will actually be a year older.

UnPage.com is THE single source for coverage starting from Districts through Regionals. I have used this site many times, even though it only covers LL baseball. With links to League, District, State and Regional websites, it is valuable resource when hunting down scores from all levels of play, especially 9/10 and 10/11 All-Stars (which end at the State level). These teams often have kids we will see at the LL level, so many people want to keep track of their district and state winners.

Because Regional tournaments bring lots of attention and fans to a town, they are often covered prominently by the local paper. For example, the San Bernardino County Sun has a special section yearly covering the Western Regional. I love the very current updates and podcasts with video coverage of the games. This is so nice for parents and fans who can't make it to the Tournament.

These should get you started if you are looking for info on the team you played on as a kid or your cousin's team from Florida :)


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