Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Little League Mom's Unofficial Equipment List

Now that Spring is officially here, it is time to break out the necessary but unofficial equipment that every Little League fan will need from now until mid-July.

  1. The fan chair: For many of you, the fan chair is still in the car from soccer season. These can be deep-seated nylon pop-ups or Coleman camping chairs or even a beach chair that sits low for maximum leg tanning. This is an essential item and really, Little League should license an official one with a cupholder on one arm and a flat surface on the other for all you scorekeepers out there.
  2. The cooler: While not an essential item, the well-stocked cooler will get you through those 6pm games when you and your other children are starving and their isn't a Snack Shack to be found. The ice is an issue, and I know most moms have abandoned the Blue Ice and such -- can't an ice cold Diet Coke keep the whole thing cool enough for one night? Yes.
  3. The blanket: We are in Oregon and it rains off and on until Fourth of July. So, I have found a great product that repels rain on one side and keeps you warm on the other: it is the "Waterproof Sport Throw" from LandsEnd. After the game, give it a shake, and throw it in the trunk. Wash it once in awhile, and you're good to go.

There is still time to stock up for the upcoming season of baseball and softball games, and you'll be glad when you are racing out the door with one kid stuffing a sandwich in his mouth and the other looking for her GameBoy, that the trunk is ready for a comfortable, warm evening at the ballpark.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Little League Flashcards

I was joyfully surprised to read an email from an old college (Go Gaels!) pal who found this blog while researching T-Ball for his son(s). My good friend, Dr. Pete the pediatrician, and his wife are practically raising an entire team under one roof, so I figure they are in for the long haul.

One of the reasons Dr. Pete is a Dr. is that he studied hard and studied smart. We made fun of his flash-card system in our frosh year, but really, look where he is now! And look where I am :)

Ever since I can remember, he kept index cards with important vocabulary and concepts written on them in his pocket and studied while in line for dinner or on the way to a Rugby match at Sonoma State (yeah, right). So I was thinking, if he were to set up index cards for Little League, what would be written on them?

Little League 101 (or "Flashcards for Coach Pete")

Card #1: Baseball is fun. Laugh. Be silly at times. Get dirty.

Card #2: Baseball is a simple game, but is hampered by lots of equipment, rules, lines, and a person who stands behind the plate to make a decision EVERY TIME A KID THROWS A BALL. Remember, baseball is a simple game.

Card #3: Every child is a gift from God.

Card #4: Explain the game. It is not always obvious that you hit and then run to first base because sometimes you hit and you don't run to first base, like on a foul ball.

Card #5: Don't forget to PLAY CATCH. The key to this game is CATCHING AND THROWING.

(men put so much emphasis on hitting I have seen practices where kids hit from a tee the entire time)

Card #6: Baseball is a simple game.

There, six cards and you'll be fine. Just don't get these cards mixed up with the ones you made for Anatomy class back in the day...