Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Winter Meetings

While the big boys of MLB negotiate and make "behind the scenes" moves (which are reported on ad nauseum by ESPN and bloggers), is your local Little League doing the same? What "moves" are your leagues making to improve the playing experience for the boys and girls who sign up for Little League? Are there plans in the works to startup any new playing levels? For example, our local league, Sun Creek LL, is going to start its first Junior Baseball division this upcoming spring, after a successful fall schedule in the Portland area.

With the football season coming to a close and the basketball season just getting underway, our minds shift to winter hitting clinics and holiday camps. Both are great ways for your kids to get offseason pointers and practice before the spring season. Check with your local LL for ones specifically marketed to our age group (8-14).

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season! Let me know if you are reading over the offseason and next week I hope to do my first annual "Little League Year that Was" wrap-up of 2006.