Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Is this heaven?

no, it's Alpenrose!

In the movie "Field of Dreams," the correct answer is "No, it's Iowa." But beginning tomorrow with Opening Ceremonies and the DeMarini Skills Challenge, the Little League Softball World Series kicks off at arguably one of the best ballfields in the country. It may not be Disney's Wide World of Sports or Williamsport, Pennsylvania, but is a beautiful setting and has remained "retro" cool all these years. Many of us remember when the scoreboard was hand-operated and when we saw the first home run over the fence (around 1977, a kid from Raleigh Hills LL). But mostly we remember our first ballgame there and hopefully it was also "under the lights."

During the LL Softball World Series, Athletic Field Design takes over and maintains the grass and field so it is a MLB-like experience for the girls. The turf is green and lush with fresh sod, as the entire infield was skinned after District baseball to bring in new grass. This article gives you a good idea of what goes into getting the fields prepared for the tournament. Mike and his crew do an amazing job.

Alpenrose is still a working dairy, where contracted milkmen deliver fresh milk and wonderful Baskin Robbins ice cream is made. You can sit in the bleachers and get a big cup of it for $1.50 and watch LL for free. The dairy is located at 6149 SW Shattuck Road, Portland, 97221. Please come by during the next week to enjoy some simple pleasures with your family. And if you see any members of the Cadonau family, please tell them "THANKS" for keeping this kid-oriented destination a wonderful place for Portland families. For some of us, it truly is heaven on earth.


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