Monday, July 24, 2006

More from the 9/10 State Tournament

Game #1: Beating the Heat in Adams, Oregon.

The SunCreek LL 9/10 All-Stars enjoyed a break from the competition today thanks to their win over Emerald Valley East LL on Sunday, 16-1. So, many of the kids went to the Aquatic Center, while others took one of the Underground Tours in downtown Pendleton.

After swimming, some of the folks headed out to the field in Adams to cheer on the 10/11 All-Star team from Murrayhill LL, our fellow District 4 representatives. It was 103 this afternoon, but the tournament volunteers are doing all they can to make it as pleasant experience as possible: bleacher areas are covered, the dugouts have misting hoses (see the above picture), there are kids walking around selling bottled water, and there is fresh-cut, ice cold, Hermiston watermelon, 3 quarter-slices in a bag for a buck.

The team's next game is tomorrow at 11:30am versus Medford American, up over the hill in Adams. Coming from the Wildhorse "Resort," you just take a right onto the highway heading to Walla Walla. If you get to Athena, you've gone too far...

We'll be at the game, then heading home, so I might not have an update for several hours. Please check the SunCreek LL website for results.


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