Friday, July 21, 2006

Back-to-School: JUST SAY NO

The lazy days of summer are upon us, which means lots of baseball and softball news:
  • Murrayhill 11/12 All-Stars march to San Bernadino, through the Oregon State tournament in Ashland, is featured on the front page today
  • Also, a small feature on the State 11/12 LL Softball tournament
  • Suncreek LL's 11/12 All-Star game versus Beaverton Area LL written up in the Beaverton Valley Times

The Suncreek LL 9/10 All-Stars take off today and tomorrow for the State tournament in Adams, Oregon. We will be heading out ourselves to the Wildhorse Casino Resort to cheer on our league's first District 4 champion. While the northwest news is focusing on the TRIPLE DIGIT HEAT coming in the next few days, many families are retreating to the coast for cooler temperatures. Wimps. As my niece would say, "HELLO. It's summer!"

We'll all be headed out to Pendleton through the warmest place in the state (The Dalles) and straight to a new Field of Dreams. However, many of the kids will need to pick up football equipment on Saturday a.m. on the way out I-84, but we're not talking back-to-school right now :)


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