Wednesday, July 02, 2008

LL Tournament Break: Watching My Son's Team

I've missed a few games in the Little League District 4 Oregon tournament in the last two nights so I could be there for my son's games :) His JBO Sr. Federal team (14 year olds) got to play on the high school varsity field last night, complete with music and sound effects and the high school coaches sitting in the stands. We won, but the young men seemed a little nervous. Since it's the high school field and not the Park & Rec, the boys had to stay after and rake and fill in holes and cover the mound and home plate. Good practice for next year (I hope!).

My goal is to get out to the District 4 Oregon 9/10 tournaments tonight. The 9/10 Honors are playing at Cook Park in Tigard, and the 9/10 All-Stars kicked off last night in Lake Oswego.


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